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Nokia shares recipe for 5G monetization

Jean Lawrence, VP of Marketing and Communications at Nokia, discusses the enablers for monetizing 5G networks, the importance of AI and automation, and the journey from telco to techco at Digital Transformation World 2022.  Lawrence, says the key enablers for 5G monetization for service providers are ecosystem partnerships, software-as-a-service models, and private wireless networks. She says adopting an open mindset …

Partnerships are vital for success in enterprise market

Ken Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Revenue Management and Digital Monetization at CSG, discusses the opportunities and challenges of delivering enterprise services for CSPs at Digital Transformation World 2022. He says the next decade will be defined by the opportunity for CSPs to deliver new services to enterprise customers and explains why it is vital to adopt an …

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Impact program recap: Collaboration is essential for B2B opportunity

Nik Willets, CEO of TM Forum talks to Darrell Jordan-Smith, Senior Vice President of TME & Industries at Red Hat, and Duarte Begonha, Partner at McKinsey, about unlocking B2B service growth and transitioning from a telco into a techno. Their discussion covers a many interesting aspects and highlights include: The changing role of the CIO in supporting B2B opportunities. Cultural …

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Openness is critical for innovation

Darrell Jordan-Smith, Senior Vice President of TME & Industries at Red Hat, says operators are using hybrid and multi-cloud to get to new customers. Moving IT, operational, and billing workloads into the cloud maximizes efficiencies and enables them to get to market faster. In these environments, openness is critically important to drive innovation. Sponsored by: