Digital Operator 2020 – Vision, Strategy and Roadmap

Digital transformation world conferenceDisruptive competition is the number one challenge to operators at the moment. OTT companies are thriving by feeding off the infrastructure provided by traditional Operators. The list of the top 10 highest R&D budgets in the world is now dominated by tech companies. OTT organizations have the biggest R&D budgets, an agile state of mind, a younger workforce and momentum. But the game is not over, in fact the race has only just begun. Traditional Operators and their CTIOs are fast realizing the size of the opportunity represented by becoming Digital Operators. The moment is now to collaborate and drive forward the journey of digital transformation. Soon it will be too late.

It is therefore not surprising that operators are hoping to become Digital Operators by 2020 and have all embarked on the transformation journey that will allow them to effectively compete against OTTs and other industry sectors. Crucial components of that digital transformation journey are: to have a vision of how to get there; a concrete plan on how to transform the business; the ability to build partnerships and ecosystem; and an understanding of how to leverage new technologies to take advantage of the numerous opportunities. 

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • Digital Operator 2020 – how do you get from vision to reality?
  • How do you achieve the agility needed to effectively compete in the digital economy?
  • How do you build and manage partnerships and ecosystems?
  • How do you design and deliver complex, multi-partner services?
  • How do you foster innovation?
  • How do you establish and maintain trust in a dynamic, evolving and complex digital ecosystem?
  • What are the opportunities for monetizing data?
  • How do you leverage IoE to create new revenue streams?
  • What are the challenges involved in creating a secure environment for the digital economy?
  • What is the role of APIs and how do they enable platform business models?