Delivering exceptional and consistent digital customer experiences across complex environments

This Serving the Digital Customer track will help give a deep understanding of how leading organizations are succeeding — and sometimes failing — to deliver on the many promises of Customer Centricity strategies and technologies.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • How do you create the kind of experience customers expect from a digital company?
  • What will the increasing role of technology be in the lives of customers and in the way in which we conduct business in the broadest sense?
  • What are your customers’ expectations and motivations and how do you design the customer digital experience along different actions and interactions?
  • How can you ensure you are delivering the most relevant products, messages or offers to your customers, at the most appropriate time?
  • What is the best way to develop a data-first strategy and integrating technology innovation using ML and AI to broaden your user base and open new sources of revenue?
  • How do you combine omnichannel and customer journey strategies with each consistently informing the other to improve effectiveness and impact?