Delivering exceptional and consistent digital customer experiences across complex environments

Customer track Digital Transformation WorldOrganizations are under a lot of pressure to deliver exceptional digital customer experiences and deliver them consistently across complex environments.  Operators and vendors must be ready to understand the new frontiers and how to navigate the next generation of digital experiences which will be personal, augmented, virtual and immersive.

Business leaders are exploring the why, and collaborating the how, of transforming their organizations to be experience-centric, agile and aligned so that they are geared correctly for customer retention and long-term customer success. The Serving the Digital Customer track at Digital Transformation World will help give a deep understanding of how leading organizations are succeeding — and sometimes failing — to deliver on the many promises of Customer Centricity strategies and technologies.

The modern customer should be at the heart of any strategy looking at monetizing new technologies and generating value for shareholders and stakeholders. With the potential windfall for operators who successfully transform their organizations in the Billions of dollars, customer centricity has never been more important.

 Focus will include:

  • Preparing for a successful project with CX models, roadmaps, procurement strategies, resource planning and a solid understanding of the digital landscape
  • Addressing challenges like building engagement cross-departmentally for a more creative culture, measuring customer experience metrics with top tasks or discovering the best method for selecting and adopting new digital strategies.
  • Examining revolutionary platforms, tools and strategies to create stronger digital customer experiences for businesses from leading cross-industry organizations particularly in areas around 360 view of customer, omnichannel and analytics

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • How do you create the kind of experience customers expect from a digital company?
  • What will the increasing role of technology be in the lives of customers and in the way in which we conduct business in the broadest sense?
  • What are your customers’ expectations and motivations and how do you design the customer digital experience along different actions and interactions?
  • How can you ensure you are delivering the most relevant products, messages or offers to your customers, at the most appropriate time?
  • What is the best way to develop a data-first strategy and integrating technology innovation using ML and AI to broaden your user base and open new sources of revenue?
  • How can TM Forum use-cases help you to Implement journey-centric support systems translate data into actionable metrics and KPIs?
  • How can you use TM Forum assets for mapping and building customer journeys faster to streamline processes and to make better, immediate use of the data collected from all the touchpoints?
  • How do you combine omnichannel and customer journey strategies with each consistently informing the other to improve effectiveness and impact?