Enabling and monetizing digital ecosystems to deliver valuable new services

Digital transformation world conferenceIn the digital era, the telecom industry has shifted from basic phone and Internet service to a sector that is going high-tech and constantly evolving into a more mobile, wearable and automated environment.

The Telecommunications Industry credits Big Data with pushing telecom spending in the U.S. ahead of Europe for the first time in history in 2014. Today’s leading telecom companies are leveraging AI to process Big Data, improve operations and increase revenue. With such large and spread-out infrastructures, telecom companies will likely host an ecosystem of companies leveraging data for uptime and functioning. This ecosystem will undoubtedly cross over into nearly all of heavy industry – though we’re most likely to see the implementation of these technologies with big Fortune 500s before these technologies trickle down to SMBs.

We know that the industry is evolving and every change has direct effects on business and commerce. This track aims to provide pertinent insights for business leaders and professionals interested in how Analycis and AI is impacting digital services and telecom including:

  • What types of AI applications are currently in use and which are in the works by customers and employees of telecom leaders
  • Are there any common trends among their innovation efforts – and how could these trends affect the future of telecom?
  • How much has been invested in AI and emerging tech innovation across leading telecom companies?
  • Focus on cost reductions, driving savings through automation, supply chain, benefit design, digitizing transactions and optimizing network costs.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • What is the true potential of intelligence for service providers?
  • What is the potential for ML and AI in a CSP business?
  • What do we need to do to exploit/enable this technology?
  • Is AI the killer use case for Big data analytics?
  • How are operators exploiting AI in different business areas?
  • How can we integrate artificial intelligence into our broader digital transformation?
  • What are the current and emerging capabilities of AI technology and the required infrastructure?
  • Is machine learning and AI the only way forward to meet the new business-assurance needs in the digital ecosystem?
  • How can we create adaptive models that learn behavior and consumption patterns and analyzing the results?
  • How can we Model the evolution of customer behavior and incorporate behavior trends into the customer’s profile?
  • How can we leverage TM Forum resources and use analytics to take proactive interventions in the network to fix the service before the customer is impacted?
  • How do we integrate machine learning in our core IP network to define optimal network configurations and automatically reconfigure them?
  • What is needed to scale out AI applications and systems?
  • What is the latest TM Forum research on the potential of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to control and operate networks?
  • How can we drive innovative data science strategies that will propel efficiency and growth?
  • Can we incorporate AI into your general architecture for scalable and serverless machine learning?
  • How can we develop an environment that enables you to easily and quickly perform various data exploration and modeling tasks?
  • How could AI dynamically shape applications’ responses to customers, based on the real-time understanding of their sentiment?
  • How can we Integrate systems to leverage large amounts of data to make the most accurate decisions?
  • How can we continue to generate new models that it can rapidly and significantly improve detection rates and accuracy of future predictions?