Profiting from data in a digital world

NFVSDN track Digital Transformation WorldNFV/SDN is a well-established technology, but the remaining challenge is to monetize the existing deployments and to achieve measurable cost reductions and new revenue streams. Network architects at CSPs need to stay on top of changing technology and standards, and provide seamless service delivery with hybrid networks. CSPs are struggling with the complexity of NFV/SDN and the large investments required to implement it. The technology is in place now but CSPs need to learn how to fully leverage and monetize it while maintaining service standards for end users.

This track offers unbiased, vendor-neutral insight into network strategy and service delivery. The agenda includes case studies on how operators have leveraged TM Forum best practices, standards and APIs to overcome the complexity of hybrid networks, monetize their networks and remain competitive in the new digital landscape. The agenda also features interactive sessions with senior executives and technical strategists from CSPs, vendors, non-telco digital service providers, industry associations and standards bodies sharing their perspectives on the future of NFV/SDN and the next steps in its evolution. Attendees can hear from and network with the who’s who in NFV/SDN for telecoms networks and take away valuable new strategies that they can put into use in their own businesses.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • What are the necessary enablers for a hybrid network management platform?
  • What is the role of TM Forum’s ZOOM project in enabling hybrid infrastructure management?
  • How do CSPs move from blueprints and architecture to realizing this future state of operations?
  • Which platform capabilities are needed for future services?
  • What are the next steps to new revenue generation?
  • How can we harness real-time charging and spot pricing?
  • What have been the best use cases for NFV & SDN thus far?
  • What is the current ROI on NFV & SDN deployments?