Exploring the OSS/BSS of the future

OSS/BSS has been a major focus for TM Forum since its conception. This core telecoms technology is transforming with the continued adoption of big data, agile IT, and now new disruptive technologies like Machine Learning and A.I. With customer loyalty (and therefore customer centricity) as important as ever, there is a need to stay on top of new technologies to ensure a seamless customer experience and to deal with challenges such as:

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • What does the new IT organization structure look like?
  • What is the new role of the CIO within the business?
  • How do we evolve and future-proof OSS/BSS?
  • How do we create new business models and revenue streams within OSS/BSS?
  • How do we achieve a flexible, on-demand approach to service development and delivery?
  • What are the full costs of implementing microservices, and what are the potential savings?
  • How do we counter the challenge presented by digital native companies?