AI at scale

AI in action

AI-enabled fraud and anomaly detection

  • Using AI to keep data safer and assist with anomaly detection in a cloud-based environment
  • Benefits of AI to prevent cybercrime and real-time fraud
  • Identifying tools and resources to effectively improve cyber resilience and respond more efficiently

Delivering AI as a service 

  • What are the services available with AIaaS and how can CSPs benefit?
  • Using the services to customize and meet specific customer demands and needs
  • Exploring the future of AIaaS and an overview of the security measures required

AI innovation at the edge 

  • How to develop and deploy AI algorithms and applications on devices at the edge
  • Benefits of real-time processing and decision-making on IoT devices
  • Reduce latency and bandwidth requirements, and improve privacy and security
  • What are the new use cases for AI at the edge?