AI at scale

Enabling the AI powered telco

Transforming with AI - How can AI make automation more intelligent?  

  • What is the value of AI, the strategic business outcomes and why should we care?
  • How to streamline data science processes to drive actionable insights
  • Maximizing business value at speed and scale in an automated, standardized way
  • How to engage, collaborate and succeed with the right partners

Partnering to accelerate AI at scale

  • Overcoming the complexities of scaling and operationalizing AI
  • Outlining the benefits of a partnership to both parties to drive value and growth
  • How partnering enables the shift from bespoke pilots to implementing AI projects at scale
  • Establishing clear standards and operating principles for an ethical deployment of AI
  • Key learnings from a strategic partnership

Driving energy efficiency with AI  

  • Planning the automation journey to improve business performance, sustainability, and energy efficiency
  • How to establish the right frameworks to effectively measure the impact of automation
  • Using data analytics in real-time to extract valuable information and improve decision-making, productivity, and energy efficiency for CSPs
  • How AI is being used to streamline processes, optimize energy usage and achieve environmental goals

The dynamic world of AIOps 

  • Outlining the benefits of AI-powered intelligent operations at scale – what does it take to move forward?
  • Accelerating AIOps/MLOps to maximize business value and open new revenue streams
  • Embracing AIOps for real-time insight into digital experiences, and the ability to transform the customer experience
  • How to manage the increasing complexities of the operational environment as it becomes more dynamic