AI at scale

Managing and governing data

Digital operations maturity - Unlocking the true value of data to drive digital transformation 

  • With the explosion of data onto the network, how should CSPs effectively handle the traffic coming in?
  • Enhancing the useability of data – how to treat data as a strategic asset and create growth opportunities
  • Removing silos – Measuring the maturity and quality of the data with involvement across IT, analytics, and business
  • Using data to improve business performance – CSPs' journey to date with the digital maturity index

Data analytics – if we can’t measure it, we can’t manage it 

  • Setting KPIs and tracking the impact of each program to help achieve their goals
  • Improving operational efficiency with AI whilst maintaining a good customer experience
  • What does it take to implement AI & how to use customer data effectively
  • Overcoming the challenges of AI ethics – Let’s be proactive with anomaly detection!
  • How to regulate the use of AI – Considerations around data privacy, governance, and transparency

Managing and governing data across complex ecosystems and networks 

  • What are regulatory bodies defining and why do data governance and AIOps matter?
  • Exploring frameworks and tools to enable the safe and effective development, deployment, daily operations, and maintenance of scalable AI components
  • Managing data and enterprise data policy in a hybrid data cloud environment, and during the process of moving data to the public cloud
  • Addressing AI ethics and bias

Driving business impact of data and AI at scale  

  • Maturing CSP’s capacity for network analytics in the age of public cloud, and maximizing ROI
  • Working smarter with AIOps to detect and fix issues before they become outages
  • How to scale to meet increased customer demand and assist with the onboarding process of partners more quickly
  • Improving employee competence - Using smarter data intelligence to enable faster and more informed decision-making