Cloud native software

Becoming cloud-native for growth and flexibility

Cloud-native evolution: How will cloud-native operations work effectively at scale? 

  • Why the adoption of virtualized and programmable telecom infrastructure, driven by growth in data traffic as well as the complexity of 5G services, is likely to increase
  • Why networks need to be built specifically for the cloud from the ground up if they are to be truly effective
  • Calling for technology to evolve to keep pace with the demands of cloud-native operations

Aligning your cloud journey to business goals

  • Aligning anticipated cloud initiative outcomes with business goals
  • How the cloud can enable you to reach operational efficiency, resource aggregation, rationalized hardware inventories, greater network scalability, service agility, and resilience
  • How the cloud can enable CSPs to rapidly develop, test and launch software applications that drive business growth at a rate and scale not seen before
  • Abstracting more of the IT stack to create more flexibility and scalability and open the door to many new service models

Building effective, long-lasting cloud partnerships 

  • Determining the advantages and disadvantages of the private, public, and hybrid cloud and the importance of choosing the right cloud native partners
  • Determining the right partners to support telcos on the journey to cloud-native and beyond
  • Embedding agility into relationships with partners - how do you drive agile methods and collaboration with a business-first objective?

Panel Discussion: What does cloud native mean for your business?  

  • What are the challenges of enabling and supporting the growing number of complex services and multi-cloud environments in near real-time?
  • Carrier-grade networks were never designed from the ground up to run in the cloud. Are cloud-native functions really the answer to what CSPs really need?
  • Like the cloud, NFV was also meant to be fast, efficient, and scalable. Will the cloud-native approach deliver everything that CSPs need? Will it stand the test of time?
  • How should we evolve from here?