Cloud native software

Cloud-native migration and management: What, where and when?

How to evolve to cloud-native operations 

  • Identifying how to evolve from a hybrid, multi-cloud approach towards increasingly cloud-native operations and what should be prioritized
  • Encouraging agility, new service creation, and scalability
  • Ensuring interoperability with legacy network functions where hybrid operations remain

Making the move to SaaS true cloud 

  • Adopting SaaS as a flexible, affordable way to achieve business outcomes and generate value
  • Why SaaS is often seen as more resilient than hosted cloud solutions with greater elasticity to be able to handle spikes in traffic
  • Understanding the applications that SaaS is well-suited to
  • Spotting and avoiding cloud-washing applications and avoiding costly mistakes

Migrating & managing your entire cloud estate from one unified single platform 

  • Improving resiliency and business continuity with hosted solutions on both public and private clouds with a unified management approach
  • Providing increased control and better support for data flow, analysis, and security from core to the edge
  • Using multi-cloud management tools, PaaS, and Containers to ensure rapid growth, innovation, and governance
  • Utilizing cloud analytics and optimization services to ensure high performance across multiple cloud environments

Overcoming the complexities of migrating BSS to the cloud 

  • Enabling enhanced scalability through migrating the BSS stack to the cloud
  • Overhauling the prepaid BSS stack to leverage the full benefits of cloud infrastructure
  • Increasing platform stability through replacing hardware to improve overall Capex and Opex