Cloud native software

IT transformation for greater agility

Leveraging DevOps and CI/CD for maximum agility, cost efficiency, and scalability 

  • Why the CI/CD process is a critical component of DevOps
  • How CI/CD makes software development easier, faster, and less risky to deploy and manage solutions with components created and supplied by multiple vendors (such as 5G) throughout their lifecycle
  • Unifying development and operations teams into a shared repository for coding, testing, deploying, and supporting software
  • Building cross-functional teams to achieve the agility, speed, and partner-centricity required to succeed with cloud-native

DevSecOps: Making security the foundation of software development 

  • How to embed security in the process of application development to decrease vulnerabilities
  • DevOps vs. DevSecOps – bringing the two camps together and fostering a sense of shared responsibility
  • Using DevSecOps to ensure that developers code from the outset with security in mind and that security teams share visibility, feedback, and insights on all known threats

Panel Discussion: Achieving closer integration of network and IT operations

  • Developing a plan to increase agility through closer integration between network and IT cloud operations
  • How can we merge functions and manage network and IT convergence most efficiently? What needs to be retained?
  • How can IT and network operations be bridged with intelligent automation?