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Embracing trusted technology for unparalleled scalability: The indispensable path for Communication Service Providers

August 31, 2023 | DTW news room

At Ab Initio, our expertise is data, and our passion is to enable our customers to deliver business and operational value out of data via a robust, high-performance data platform built for automation and self-service.

As customer demands evolve and new digital landscapes emerge and technological innovations provide the key to scalability, monetization, and competitive advantage, CSPs need an approach that thrives amid change and readily adapts to new realities.

People + Technology = Unparalleled Results

The exponential rise in data production and consumption has become one of the most pressing challenges for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The proliferation of smartphones, connected devices, and growing volumes of streamed content drives the need to continuously process, manage, and analyze previously inconceivable volumes of data. This is in addition to the persistent challenges of ensuring security and compliance with an ever-increasing regulatory landscape for data. 

A commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology is more critical than ever to support scaling operations, expanding services, improving customer experience, and securing competitive advantage.

By 2025, IDC estimates the world will surpass 181 zettabytes of data globally, and 80% will be unstructured. In this fast-paced world of connectivity and communication, CSPs find themselves at a pivotal juncture faced with increasing opportunities to process, manage, and monetize data in previously unimaginable ways.

Active, metadata-driven, low-code, or no-code pipelines, decisions, and actions orchestration frameworks that scale across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid operations are the critical foundation for data-driven growth, customer engagement, data monetization, and growth.

Putting data into the hands of the right people can positively impact your organization. By providing data analysts and data scientists the freedom to engage with real-time, trusted data sets in a secure low-code/no-code environment, you empower them to explore, be creative, and iterate invaluable insights rapidly.

  • Organizational agility – Breaking down barriers between business needs and IT capacity. Modern technologies provide unique capabilities, including AI-powered Semantic Discovery that enables employees to automatically map relations between business terms/glossary to a physical data layer. For example, they can rapidly identify and apply masking functions on all personal information (PII) attributes across Operational Support System (OSS) and/or Billing Support Systems (BSS) and everything between them. This capability is critical to delivering timely, fact-based decisions on current data or expanding existing processes to encompass vast quantities of new data.
  • Reduced risk – Automating Data Governance, Regulatory Control and Security. Leveraging an OSS/BSS usage management framework that operates on-prem, on the cloud, or hybrid that also optimizes compute, storage, and egress, with data masking/obfuscated restrictions applied at the user level, gives people the freedom to engage whilst automatically adhering regulatory considerations.
  • Deliver responsive, highly personalized Customer-Centric Experiences. End-to-end real-time automation is the only way to achieve an engaging, timely, relevant customer experience. Implementing an end-to-end Customer Experience (Cx)/Customer Value (Cv) customer interactions system that sophisticated AI models power to deliver dynamic and personalized journeys, including pricing, bundling, and loans (e.g., next best calculations on the fly), omnichannel, advanced fulfillment and much more
  • Achieve operational excellence through a technologically agnostic approach – Environments change, on-prem, on-cloud (s), and hybrid environments. One of the biggest challenges is retaining valuable investments made in the applications that are depended upon to run the business. The value of a technology that enables retention of this investment and enables seamless transfer of these applications to new environments is immeasurable. This is especially true for organizations moving deeper into flexible edge computing or toward new strategic directions.

Key takeaways

  • Data has always been an essential force behind the telecommunications industry. Navigating the ever-changing digital landscape successfully poses numerous challenges. These range from handling explosive data growth, ensuring appropriate governance and security, optimizing network performance, and capitalizing data to provide personalized services. 
  • The data and infrastructure are there to support emerging 5G, digital devices, and cloud technologies. The art is in how to make this data and infrastructure universe effectively actionable.
  • Meeting the challenge of processing, managing, distributing, and monetizing data assets is complex but not unsurmountable if it’s recognized that “people power” alone can’t scale quickly enough. Exploiting AI together with end-to-end network and data management, is critical to achieve revenue uplifting via hyper-personalization and Cx/Qx.
  • A data-driven culture and an agile approach to innovation can transform data challenges into opportunities that lead the way in delivering exceptional communication services in the digital era.

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About Ab Initio

Data-intensive organizations require a high-performance data platform built for automation and self-service. One that thrives amid change and adapts to new realities. And that can solve the toughest data processing and management challenges. That platform is Ab Initio. 

From heavy batch to always on low latency streaming, on-prem/on cloud/a hybrid environment, no other technology comes close to Ab Initio when it comes to data processing and integration.

Ab Initio’s high-performance, ever-scalable data platform is built for automation and self-service. This agnostic system enables CSP companies around the globe to streamline their operations and, most importantly, to improve their customers’ experience and monetize the data within their business. 

If speed, performance, and automation matter to your business, let our technology do the talking, request a proof-of-concept discovery, and browse our case studies for Communication Service Providers.