exhibitor manual


Wi-Fi is provided free of charge throughout the venue 

Dedicated connection (for purchase)

If you need a dedicated connection in your booth or meeting room, you can order one from TM Forum.

Order additional wired/Wi-Fi connections here.
The deadline to order is 9 August 2023 at 11:59 pm ET. *Orders placed after this date are subject to a 15% surcharge.

  • Payment must be made at time of order with credit card. Invoicing option is not available.
  • All orders including a wired connection must include uploading a plan/illustration showing where the internet drop should be located.
  • Any Ethernet hub/switch rentals can be picked up at the exhibitor services desk


  • Dedicated 10 mbps line, shared public IP - $2800 USD
  • Dedicated 100 mbps line, shared public IP - $5250 USD
  • In-booth Wi-Fi hotspot up to 25 users, 50mbps/user, 100mbps backbone - $2900 USD
  • Ethernet hub/switch rental (8 port) - $110 USD

For questions, email [email protected]

WiFi network access

The Bella Center has excellent Wifi coverage throughout the entire venue. To ensure the best quality WiFi experience for everyone attending DTW we recommend that you use devices that support the 5GHz band. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee Wifi will work on devices that support the older 2.4 GHz band only and therefore we won’t be able to offer support.

To access the Wifi, you will need to select the network name and password that will be supplied on-site to all attendees. We cannot guarantee bandwidth.

Please note, self-installed Wifi networks and hotspots are not permitted in the building as these can interfere with the built-in infrastructure and affect everyone’s enjoyment of the event. Any unauthorized WiFi installations will be detected and requested to be shut down.