exhibitor manual

stand build up

  1. If you are using a stand builder, other than TM Forum or Bella Center Copenhagen, you must advise your Sponsorship Manager the name of your chosen company.  
  2. The stand builder will need to submit detailed scale drawings, including plan views and elevations for approval by TM Forum and Bella Center Copenhagen. The plans need to show the stand location within the exhibition hall and the orientation of the stand design.  
  3. Single story plans must be submitted by 20 July 2023.
  4. Double decker plans must be submitted by 29 June 2023. *Pre-approval required
  5. Stand builders are committed to clear the space after the build-up and dismantling periods; all waste and material left behind will be disposed by Bella Center Copenhagen and charged to the stand builder directly.  
  6. All stand builders will require a pre-clearance security pass to access the exhibition hall. This pass will need to be worn at all times when in the exhibition hall and will be checked by venue security at access points.  
  7. Stand builders must submit this online form with the names of staff that will work at Bella Center Copenhagen. Each staff member will then receive a pre-clearance security pass when they arrive on site.  
  8. Everyone working at Bella Center Copenhagen must comply with the rules of the Danish Working Environment Authority at: www.arbejdstilsynet.dk (tel.: +45 70 12 12 88). Please remember that labor force from non-EU countries must apply for residence and work permits with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before starting the work at Bella Center Copenhagen. Please remember to register all work by foreign workers in Denmark via Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT) unless these exceptions apply. 
  9. There is limited onsite parking available for trucks. If you need to reserve a space for the event duration, please contact [email protected]
    **Please note there is no overnight security in this area, and anything left in the truck is at the owner’s risk. TM Forum and Bella Center Copenhagen will not be held responsible.
  10. If you need a any help unloading or a forklift, etc., you need to contact Henrik at [email protected] to reserve.
  11. If you do not require assistance, upon arrival simply follow signage on-site to P2. Load-in is first come, first serve.