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Experience generative AI at DTW23 – Ignite with AWS – explore telco-specific use cases in Copenhagen

August 28, 2023 | DTW news room

By: Ross McWalter, Head of Telecom Applications, AWS

At DTW23 – Ignite in Copenhagen, from 19 – 21 September, we will exhibit five new generative AI-related and even more AI/ML-powered demonstrations at the AWS Next Level Balcony and showcase content on stage to dive deep into how generative AI can contribute to your success.

Generative AI is a new tool under the belt for telecom operators and communication service providers (CSPs) to explore and experiment with as part of their AI/ML and data monetization strategy. The time is right to start down this path as the question for CSPs changes from “if“ to “how“, and “when“, to ensure that the telco industry can benefit from generative AI.

At AWS, we have played a key role in democratizing ML and making it accessible to anyone who wants to use it, including more than 100,000 customers of all sizes and industries. We’ve invested and innovated to offer the most performant, scalable infrastructure for cost-effective ML training and inference. We developed Amazon Bedrock, which is the easiest way for customers to build and scale generative AI-based applications using foundation models (FMs). We launched a wide range of services that allow customers to add AI capabilities like image recognition, forecasting, and intelligent search to applications with a simple API call. Through this, we provide telecom operators the capabilities to leverage generative AI for their business.

There is no compression algorithm for experience. You need the right skills in the workforce, domain knowledge in the telco field, and unfettered access to the data that underpins every application of AI/ML. Therefore, the best time to start experimenting is now. Let‘s take a look at key telecom use cases where generative AI can help drive new levels of productivity and measurable outcomes.

Simplifying network planning, installation, configuration, and operations

Generative AI can play a key role in all aspects of the network lifecycle. Engineers rely on manuals and documented processes when installing network elements. Generative AI can ingest this data and provide interactive guidance and prompts to speed up and simplify installation tasks. One example use case of simplifying your network operation with an advanced data platform and generative AI will be demonstrated at DTW23 – Ignite.

We will showcase how a network operation center (NOC) can use Snowflake and Digital Route solutions on AWS, to research the network and its supporting systems, with simple generative AI chat tools.

Enhancing the customer experience

Many operators are already leveraging AI to augment human interactions and improve the consistency of experience and resolution speed. Generative AI can take these activities one step further.

Building on the IoT platform demonstration we introduced with our customer and partner TELUS in 2023, we will show a hyper-personalized approach with generative AI. It enhances the smart home and wellness experience through seamless intelligence, revolutionizing the way users interact with their smart devices. We will also showcase how using generative AI for Optus’ digital subscription hub enhances the frictionless OTT and digital consumer services experience.

You can explore both during DTW23 – Ignite at the AWS next-level balcony.

Optimizing business performance

Generative AI can help CSPs identify areas where they are losing revenue or incurring revenue leakage. Deployed across business processes, generative AI can examine profits, revenues, various consumer plans, expenses, and customer charges to recommend how to evolve offerings to optimize profits. Making this applicable to an operator’s business, we will demonstrate how to improve your insights and productivity with generative AI for telecom contact centers tasked with such revenue-based use cases.

Along with Salesforce at DTW23 – Ignite, we will illustrate how contact-center intelligence and generative AI, are supporting use cases such as revenue assurance, employee dispatching, and empowering customer service agents with meaningful real-time insights.

Experience Generative AI hands-on

At DTW Ignite 2023 in Copenhagen, from 19 to 21 September, AWS will exhibit five new generative AI-related and even more AI/ML-powered demonstrations at the AWS Next Level balcony and showcase content on stage to dive deep into how generative AI can contribute to telecom operator’s success. Check our DTW guide for more details.

You will have the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts on AI/ML and generative AI to explore how we support you in your journey. Together we can realize use cases quickly to prove their impact on your specific business. This way we enable you to move fast and with agility. We also look at how to build the foundations for AI/ML and your strategy in this field. We help you liberate your data from siloes and to democratize it for access by your domain experts to create the applications to monetize that data. This enables you to utilize it to create new services for a transformed customer experience for your end users in the business and consumer segment.

Make sure to join us, book a demonstration visit and tour, mark our sessions in your calendar, bookmark this article on Generative AI for telco as pre-reading, and – most of all – let us know your plans and how we can help you leverage generative AI.

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