Future Networks

A fresh approach to network energy efficiency

Taking a holistic approach to secure network energy and sustainability performance 

  • Why CSPs are consuming ever-larger amounts of energy due to dealing with fast-growing levels of traffic to meet user expectations
  • How digital transformation and virtualization can support smarter energy usage
  • Activating ‘sleep mode’, electrifying sites, and dismantling unused equipment – reviewing the range of ways in which CSPs can reduce power consumption

Using digital twins to reduce energy costs 

  • Using digital twin technology to optimize network investments based on the total cost of ownership, while improving customer experience
  • How the virtual representation of a physical network can help CSPs to analyze and predict the performance, cost, and efficiency of its network sites and equipment
  • Using a digital twin to help forecast energy costs, based on changes to the network, such as the addition of a new cell site or decommissioning, and energy price fluctuations
  • How standardizing data about energy costs, consumption, and network performance, makes it much easier to identify and analyze network anomalies

Deploying an end-to-end AI-powered solution to lower energy consumption  

  • How to use AI and machine learning to help lower the carbon footprint of 5G networks by more accurately measuring and reducing energy consumption
  • Developing an AI learning framework that incorporates input from different stakeholders across the business, including data scientists, the network, and finance
  • Why analytics leads naturally to better operations, and a more sustainable organization from the inside out