Future networks

How to get to the zero-touch network

Accelerating the journey to autonomous networks

  • What does the roadmap to autonomous networks look like?
  • How to leverage AI, data, and the Cloud to enable fully automated, self-healing, and self-optimizing capabilities
  • Who should operators work with to design and help build their autonomous network?
  • How do you move legacy/hybrid networks toward autonomous networks?

Building intent-driven networks

  • The intent in the context of telecoms networking and operations automation
  • The key features and building blocks of intent-driven networks
  • How CSPs can implement intent-driven network automation and what might help accelerate adoption
  • How intent-based network operations improve network efficiency and performance
  • Leveraging automation, analytics, and AI enable autonomous actions through a closed-loop system

PANEL: Moving to Open RAN – challenges, benefits, and lessons learned to date

  • Can the diversity of vendors in an Open RAN deployment drive 5G innovation and use cases?
  • How can CSPs address the increased security vulnerabilities from the use of multiple vendors and components in Open RAN?
  • Quantifying the initial investment needed to deploy Open RAN and potential savings from Open RAN for a greenfield and brownfield setup
  • Will the freedom to mix and match solutions from disaggregated vendors lead to greater network agility and efficiency or to increased operational complexity and higher costs?
  • How to ensure the interoperability and orchestration of the multi-vendor RAN components
  • What lessons can be learned from early adopters of Open RAN?