Future networks

Optimizing network agility

Optimizing service orchestration and assurance for 5G network slicing 

  • How is 5G service orchestration and assurance different?
  • What are service assurance requirements for specific network slices and how do you meet the QoS requirements in different slices?
  • Detecting faults within each slice and taking corrective action as required
  • Addressing the complexities network slicing introduces to service orchestration

Enabling closed-loop service assurance across hybrid networks 

  • Addressing the complexity of designing E2E service solution enablement
  • Tackling the coexistence of physical, virtual network, and cloud-native functions
  • How to apply self-healing in a close loop assurance model across multiple domains
  • Managing performance through micro-services
  • Deploying strategic service assurance through APIs, data analytics, and intelligent remediation
  • Achieving end-to-end QoS using analytics/ML-driven, policy-based closed-loop automation

Moving towards zero-touch operations with AI-driven closed-loop automation 

  • Why the ability to proactively pre-empt outages and disruptions are key to managing increased network complexity and delivering end-to-end digital services
  • How to leverage AI-driven closed-loop automation to detect anomalies, determine the resolution and implement the required changes
  • Overcoming architectural and implementation barriers

Transitioning to CNFs to reach new levels of scalability, agility, and efficiency

  • Understanding how CNFs overcome the limitations of VNFs
  • Developing the necessary skills to design, deploy, and manage CNFs to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime
  • How to automate and secure CNFs at scale
  • Managing the co-existence of CNFs and legacy VNFs during the transition to ensure seamless operation and minimize disruptions
  • What are the cost implications of deploying CNFs?