Future networks

The future network: driving scalability, sustainability and monetization

Making autonomous networks a reality

  • Where are CSPs in their autonomous networks adoption journey?
  • Identifying the key steps on the journey to autonomous networks
  • How can CSPs best leverage AI, the Cloud, and the Edge to build fully automated, self-healing, and self-optimizing networks?
  • How can partners support CSPs in accelerating the journey to autonomous networks?

Successfully navigating the transition to cloud-native networks

  • How does the transition to a cloud-native network change procurement, planning, deployment, and operations?
  • Deciding whether you run network workloads in the public or private cloud
  • Why does the evolution to cloud-native also involve a culture/mindset change?
  • How to build the skills required for a fully cloud-based network
  • Why an open vendor and partner ecosystems are key to making the move to cloud-native a success

How to monetize networks in the 5G era

  • What new network monetization opportunities do 5G, cloud and edge enable?
  • Realizing that network monetization involves digital transformation across the organization
  • How to plan and design networks with future revenue in mind
  • Leveraging the 5G network's low latency and speed to deliver innovative enterprise and consumer services
  • Opening networks to partners to create new value and revenue streams