Future networks

The network as a platform for innovation and growth

From networks to innovation platforms

  • How 5G and cloud-native technologies allow CSPs to transform their network into innovation platforms
  • What new 5G network functions and resources can be exposed to third parties through network APIs to build new use cases?
  • What needs to change - new ways of working, new accountabilities, and new relationships
  • How to build a broader ecosystem on the platform

Opening the network to developers to drive innovation, value, and growth

  • How network functionality can be exposed and made easily consumable by the global developer community
  • Providing a set of tools to help developers integrate their applications with the telco network
  • Creating sandbox environments and testing tools to help developers test their applications and services
  • Ensuring effective developer support to address any issues or questions they may have
  • Building a community of developers around network APIs to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between developers and CSPs

Paving the way for 5G-enabled services with a solid roadmap to standalone 5G

  • Why 5GSA is key to enabling advanced network slicing capabilities, edge computing
  • Challenges associated with transitioning from legacy core to standalone 5G SA networks
  • What will 5GSA enable CSPs to do in terms of developing, deploying, and managing services?
  • Deploying a one-vendor vs. multi-vendor 5G standalone solution