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How CSPs can monetize 5G by delivering immersive fan experiences at live events

August 29, 2022 | DTW news room

By Jason Rutherford, SVP & GM – Oracle Communications

This time last year, car racing events opened their doors to capacity crowds once again. The F1 Grand Prix 2021 racing season attracted more than two million attendees, and the United States Grand Prix hit a record high with a reported 400,000 fans passing through the turnstiles. The Red Bull Racing team saw an outstanding championship season backed by Oracle cloud technology, using OCI to run billions of computer simulations to prepare their race strategies and to help them make real-time decisions during the races. This year, determined to build on their success, Oracle and Red Bull Racing have enhanced their partnership for the 2022 season.

Red Bull Racing has turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to support their analytics-backed race strategy. Oracle Cloud technologies will be used across Red Bull Racing’s operations, helping the team optimize engine development, enhancing training for up-and-coming drivers using AI and machine learning, and engaging with fans in new ways.

With 2022 attendance numbers expected to surpass last year’s records it’s critical that venues and the myriad of businesses involved in creating a successful racing event are prepared to deliver an experience of a lifetime for fans at the venue.

CSPs should look to benefit from the increasing footfall at live events

As a fan, imagine getting tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime sporting event, the expectations are sky high when it comes to the experiences at the venue.

5G presents the opportunity for new experiences that can be incredibly enticing. For service providers, there is massive potential to take advantage of new business models through partnerships to monetize new 5G use cases.

By embracing a B2BX model and working to create new service ecosystems, CSPs can provide seamless operations for enterprise partners, and maximize the revenue opportunities associated with a large event like car racing by monetizing the differentiated experiences promised by 5G.

A win-win-win value proposition for CSPs, enterprises and fans

5G offers new innovative services, new business models, and new customer experiences enabled by network slicing technology, and the ability to configure unique quality of experiences (QoE) within slices.

To satisfy the various network performance and service quality needs across the number of races scheduled in a calendar year, CSPs might spin up multiple network slices with various QoEs configured to deliver the most optimum performance for that group. They could employ a mass market connectivity slice on which attendees with a 5G-enabled device would connect. The CSP might also decide to have a dedicated operations slice to manage ticket collection, monitor security, and provide connectivity for the retail and concession point of sales systems. Additionally, network slices might be spun up for dedicated partners – such as a dedicated broadcast media slice – and even have a slice dedicated for unique low latency services like an immersive sports slice for a virtual reality service.

This offers immense potential for CSPs and enterprise partners alike to generate new capital and drive new business models, but they must also find a way to then bill and charge across this complex ecosystem.   

Monetize 5G with partnerships and differentiated fan experiences at live events

With Oracle Communications solutions, CSPs can target customers with optimized offers and deliver self-service eCommerce experiences, charge and bill for dynamic 5G experiences, and perform partner settlements based on complex B2B2X business models. They can also automate the orchestration and assurance of the 5G network slices to guarantee consistent, resilient, and differentiated experiences.

Using network slicing as a component of 5G monetization relies on a cloud native technology. Charging and billing solutions that are cloud native enable CSPs to introduce at-venue fan experiences, while also supporting complex new business models involving multiple enterprises. By coupling charging and billing with a unified assurance-based, closed-loop automation solution, CSPs can guarantee network and service quality for both fans and the enterprises involved. Furthermore, cloud nativity can help support the on-demand scalability and hyper performance needed for an event of this magnitude.

Join Oracle this year at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World to learn more about how we are helping global CSPs in their transformation journeys and see a showcase of how CSPs can monetize 5G with partnerships and differentiated fan experiences like those explained above.

Attendees of Oracle’s “Race with 5G” showcase can explore a hypothetical car racing championship, Race 1. At Race 1, local service provider Supremo5G builds a compelling solution in collaboration with a media streaming partner and the Race 1 teams. The showcase will demonstrate the Race 1 spectators’ experience of receiving an offer for at-venue immersive experience packages and show how those services are charged and billed within a complex partner ecosystem. Finally, visitors can see how network slice service quality is monitored and potential degradation is thwarted, all using Oracle Communications solutions. 

Also, be sure to check out the Oracle Red Bull Racing car with your own eyes and see how our suite of cloud applications and cloud infrastructure can help you go the extra mile and fly across the finish line with your 2022 business goals. 

About the author
Jason Rutherford is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications. As leader of Oracle’s telecommunications industry global business unit focused on applications, Rutherford is responsible for managing sales, strategic planning, product development, service, and support for Oracle’s B/OSS product portfolio.