Platform & Partners

Leveraging new digital technologies and CSP’s assets for value creation

Connectivity-as-a-Service: Generating value from core connectivity

  • What is the future of connectivity?
  • Understanding that the use of enabling technologies (AI, IoT, Cloud, blockchain) will be driven by how they connect
  • Where does connectivity fit into an ecosystem of ‘enabling technologies’?
  • What capabilities will connectivity need?
  • How will collaboration between technology players evolve to enable a connected future?
  • Trust in delivering connectivity services into connected verticals

Capitalizing on enterprise demand for private mobile networks  

  • What is driving the enterprise's need for private mobile networks and why CSPs are well positioned to meet that need?
  • Creating difficult-to-match private mobile offerings offering for enterprises
  • Why security and control are key
  • Partnering with vendors and system integrators to drive industrial-grade private mobile network deployment

Driving business value from edge computing

  • Deciding where to play - Horizontal, end-to-end vertical, or both?
  • How do you approach delivering edge for vertical use cases? Do it yourself and extend the existing 5G core to the edge, set up a separate mobile edge computing network or partner?
  • Using partner ecosystems to solve enterprises’ business problems and co-create innovative solutions and service offerings
  • How are telcos monetizing the edge in verticals and how are they leveraging the ecosystem to deliver enterprise use cases to their customers?

How to leverage CPaaS to meet the needs of today's digital customers

  • Understanding how CPaaS can help telcos to differentiate themselves in a crowded market
  • How to integrate CPaaS with existing systems to provide a seamless experience for customers across different touchpoints
  • Facilitating an omnichannel customer experience by allowing them to engage through their preferred channels
  • Creating personalized experiences for customers