Driving digital business transformation and sustainability

People and Planet program

TM Forum's People and Planet program is driving innovation and developing scalable solutions to tackle the challenges of today's rapidly evolving industry.

The program's objective is simple yet profound: to manage the People, Digital inclusion, and Sustainability side of TM Forum's Open Digital Framework (ODF). The People and Planet program is a game-changing initiative revolutionizing strategies, driving innovation, and developing scalable solutions to create a sustainable future.

Digital transformation is 80% soft skills and only 20% technology.

Focused on building a roadmap for telcos to transform into techco, unleashing a wave of innovation and digital transformation that will revolutionize the industry by focusing on organizational design, culture, and people. With the TCOD project, GreenTechCo platform, and Tech for Good Social Impact project, you can revolutionize your strategies, drive innovation, and transition seamlessly from a telco to a cutting-edge techco.

We invite you to foster a robust organizational design by building a human-centric design and cultivating it with revolutionary strategies and scalable solutions. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.

TechCo Organizational Design Project (TCOD)

Focuses on building the human element of Open Digital Architecture (ODA), empowering teams to drive organizational design, cultivating culture, and nurturing and attracting top talent for unparalleled success as TM Forum members transition from traditional telco to techco in today's rapidly evolving industry.

The GreenTechCo Platform (GTCP)

Aims to explore cutting-edge ideas and concepts that drive sustainable business practices by infusing a green lens into existing and future TM Forum use cases and frameworks.

Driven by the TechCo Organizational Design project reshaping strategies, fostering innovation, and creating scalable solutions for CSPs committed to digital transformation and sustainability, the GreenTechCo project provides an extension on enhancing the ODA through a green lens.

The 'Tech for Good' social impact project

Aims to drive real change by leveraging the power of the latest advancements in technology to support NGOs through social change. Tech for Good will address pressing environmental and social challenges with innovative, eco-friendly solutions that promote a greener future, empowering communities and causes that lack access, resources, and abilities to address their challenges.

Plan your experience

How are CSPs transitioning their plans by making a digital shift towards greener networks and infrastructure?

The Sustainability program will address this shift, and the transition required to redesign networks to promote energy-efficient practices, balancing increased traffic with intelligent networks, leveraging automation for streamlined operations, and addressing the burden of legacy infrastructure.  

Join our curated program covering sustainability and network efficiency including:  

  • The roadmap to net zero 
  • Making the digital transition to greener networks and infrastructure 
  • The purpose-led telco: Staying true to company values and why social impact and community trust matters 
  • Taking a holistic approach to secure network energy and sustainability performance  
  • Using digital twins to reduce energy costs  
  • Deploying an end-to-end AI-powered solution to lower energy consumption   

Visit the People & Planet Catalysts

Initiatives to make DTW23 - Ignite a green event

Refill, again and again

Consider bringing your own water bottle for your time in Copenhagen. Danish tap water is world-class quality. Water stations will be set up in various locations.   

To give back, anyone who brings their own water bottle and presents at registration, TM Forum and the sponsor will give a donation to a non-profit helping to ensure every person has access to reliable and safe water.


Finding a sustainable place to stay in Copenhagen is actually easier than finding a non-sustainable one, as the majority of all the city’s hotel rooms hold an official eco-certification. 

Remember to turn off the lights and turn down the AC before leaving your hotel room.  

Conserve water by doing your part to keep your showers short and shut off the water while brushing your teeth. 

Eat locally

All food provided during the event will be fresh and locally sourced.  

Lunch ware served to our attendees is 100% compostable. 

Stop single use plastic

Copenhagen is one of the greenest cities in the world and we want to do our part. The event will reduce its single-use plastic consumption including bags and straws.

Green on the go

The city is encouraging green mobility by switching from diesel to electric buses, and the compact city center makes walking & cycling easy.  

Copenhagen is one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities with 49% of locals commuting by bike every day. 

  • When booking staff flights, TM Forum will donate to the airlines’ carbon offset partner. 
  • We ask you to book non-stop flights whenever you can; it's the takeoffs and landings that create most of an airplane's carbon emissions.
  • Consider flying with one of the 30+ IATA member airlines who offer carbon offset programs.  
  • Arrive to the venue each day on foot, or travel like a true Copenhagener and arrive by bicycle. 

Sort and bin it

Sorting waste, when possible, bins are located throughout the venue and the city.