Platform & Partners

Co-creating value with partner ecosystems

Managing, improving, and scaling your partner ecosystem

  • Addressing the complexities of dealing with a large number of partners with different needs and priorities
  • Outlining the process for onboarding new partners and clearly defining roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between their partners and internal teams
  • Driving partner engagement and growth by incentivizing them
  • Monitoring and measuring partner performance to ensure they deliver value to customers

Aligning your ecosystem strategy with the evolving needs of customers

  • Identifying verticals that will add cross-vertical value and allow you to develop services beyond connectivity
  • How can CSPs capitalize on their existing assets and technology investments to co-innovate and co-invent with a partner ecosystem?
  • Which enablers (technology, policy, operating model) are required to partner with other ecosystem players to create innovative services?
  • What traditional mindsets and beliefs must be challenged in order to succeed?

Co-creating with verticals to solve industry-specific challenges together          

  • Start with the customer, not the infrastructure
  • How to attract vertical industries to co-innovate with CSPs
  • Building a dedicated innovation space for vertical industries to solve industry-specific challenges together
  • What are the key considerations in sharing information and control?
  • Taking vertical solutions to market

How to adopt a multi-partner approach to unlock telco Edge revenues 

  • Putting partnerships with hyperscalers and enterprise IT and technology vendors at the core of your edge strategy
  • What does each partner contribute to the development and acceleration of the enterprise Edge use case?
  • Overcoming collaboration challenges between partners
  • Examining different multi-partner scenarios