Platform & Partners

Diversifying beyond connectivity

Capturing the “beyond connectivity” portion of the home value chain 

  • Moving from the connected to the smart home - blurring home boundaries with mobility, work, and play
  • Knocking down longstanding ways of thinking by redefining your understanding of people’s homelives and service expectations
  • Embracing new strategies and business models to deliver on customer smart home needs
  • Forging cross-industry ecosystem partnerships and harnessing disruptive technologies

How to drive growth in the beyond connectivity IoT space    

  • Using IoT connectivity as a springboard for your beyond connectivity growth strategy
  • Developing a clear strategy for expanding into providing end-to-end IoT services
  • Getting from “trusted IoT connectivity provider” to “go to ecosystem partner”
  • Developing services focusing on increased IoT security to address the security needs of enterprise customers
  • Building a cloud-based IoT platform to address your customers’ most pressing needs
  • How are enterprises monetizing IoT and what can CSPs learn from them?

Making the most of the fintech opportunity

  • What makes CSPs leading enablers in the fintech space?
  • How is the collaboration of fintech companies and CSPs driving technology and service innovation in both industries?
  • How to drive financial inclusion and access to digital services
  • How are CSPs creating new revenue streams from financial services and mobile payments?
  • Co-developing digital banking platforms to provide customers with digital banking services

PANEL: Monetizing the B2B2X opportunity

  • What paths to success in B2B2X ecosystems are we seeing so far in the 5G era?
  • What are the key factors are making these paths successful?
  • How to build vertical expertise and understanding of the industry-related value chains and ecosystem
  • What are the main obstacles to unlocking the B2B2x opportunity?
  • How do CSPs position themselves to establish the most relevant and benefit from these?