Platform & Partners

Metaverse: What's in it for telcos?

Laying the Foundation: How and where to start the metaverse journey

  • What the metaverse is – and is not
  • What are the enabling technologies that will allow CSPs to fully participate in the Metaverse?
  • Building platforms that are open, flexible, and adaptable in order to accommodate future monetization use cases
  • Deciding whether build Metaverse platforms alone or with partners – pros, and cons

PANEL: How can CSPs monetize the metaverse? 

  • What are the metaverse opportunities and potential new business models for CSPs?
  • Can the Metaverse help CSPs monetize their 5G investments?
  • How can CSPs go beyond being a connectivity provider by building their own Metaverse platform?
  • Partnering to develop applications such as identity, billing, payment, and customer data management for the Metaverse
  • What are some of the use cases driving consumer adoption in the near term?