Platform & Partners

Monetizing platforms and marketplaces for growth

Developing a winning “telco as a platform” strategy

  • What capabilities are needed to become a platform player and how do you build them?
  • Can the platform approach generate sufficient value for both the telco and the solution developers?
  • Extending CSP’s network capabilities to create new, innovative services for a broader ecosystem
  • Exposing the network via APIs to external partners and developers to enable new services and new business models

Adopting a vertical growth strategy 

  • Assessing the viability of a vertical approach in terms of existing capabilities, technology, and knowledge of the chosen vertical
  • Identifying the vertical which holds the greatest value generation potential for your business
  • Deciding whether to build our own e2e solutions or partner with companies to develop them
  • Bridging technology and skills gaps by collaborating with partners or through M&A
  • Taking the telco/vertical industry partnerships to the next level by providing industry-specific solutions that go beyond connectivity
  • How to leverage the success in one vertical to expand into other verticals

Running the network as a platform: how to monetize network capabilities 

  • Creating an ecosystem that enables developers, customers, and partners to build and deliver new services and applications
  • Leveraging open APIs to allow developers to access and build on top of the network infrastructure
  • Establishing developer programs to attract and support developers
  • Value-added services and innovative applications and solutions created leveraging the network

Building successful digital marketplaces

  • Addressing the challenges associated with integrating with multiple systems and managing data flows
  • Streamlining partner onboarding to effectively deal with the unique requirements and systems of partners
  • How to leverage APIs to create dynamic B2B2X marketplaces
  • Managing the complexities of revenue-sharing agreements and business models with partners
  • Strategies for incentivizing users to use the marketplace
  • Implementing security systems and processes to ensure the safety and integrity of the marketplace