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Seizing the enterprise opportunity with network slicing 

September 5, 2023 | DTW news room

With the road ahead pointing clearly in the B2B direction, CSPs are looking to build a clear B2B strategy and define the path of transformation they need to leverage current and future 5G solutions. This transformation will be a multi-year process but CSPs can seize near-term monetization opportunities as they expand their network and business support system (BSS) capabilities around the revenue-generating potential of network slicing.  

The positioning of network slices to offer high-value business outcomes means CSPs need to combine their strengths with partners to co-create compelling solutions and services in new verticals. However, trying to achieve this with their current business support system (BSS) stacks can be challenging. New co-created solutions and services require scale, new business models, enhanced security, and lightning-fast time to market that legacy BSS stacks can’t support.  

Diverse and complex connectivity needs 

Enterprises have diverse and complex connectivity needs. Some require ultra-low latency for autonomous machinery, while others are seeking robust security for protecting sensitive data. Network slicing empowers CSPs to offer customized solutions for each unique requirement. For example, a manufacturing plant needs uninterrupted connectivity for its machinery while a financial institution needs maximum security and compliance. With network slicing, CSPs can offer dedicated slices to guarantee the latency and security requirements of both enterprise customers.  

Enterprises’ requirements can also change over time. Network slicing offers scalability options, allowing CSPs to temporarily allocate additional resources to slices to accommodate increased demand. CSPs can meet their enterprise customers’ changing needs and generate revenue from the added resources. CSPs can charge premium rates for slices with guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs) for minimum bandwidth and latency, etc. As cyber threats increase and their enterprise customers are willing to invest in security solutions, CSPs can create slices with advanced encryption and security capabilities. The one-size-fits-all network model is gone and now every customer can customize their own network slice. 

But this leads to additional complexity and leaves legacy BSS systems struggling to deliver. BSS capabilities are needed to support a broader range of business models based on usage, value outcomes, service-level agreements, quality of service and experience, and much more. Different applications will demand distinct QoS requirements and BSS capabilities will ensure these quality targets are met, and SLAs are adhered to. BSS capabilities will detect and mitigate QoS issues in real time and ensure each network slice is provisioned correctly. Whether it’s establishing security protocols, managing traffic flows, or maintaining latency levels, BSS capabilities are critical to powering a seamless and optimized network slice experience. 

CSPs can begin to embrace a future of limitless possibilities and groundbreaking collaborations with the right BSS capabilities. As their networks become intent-based and automated, this in turn drives change at the business level for CSPs. Their BSS solutions need to be just as flexible, dynamic, and automated with real-time network-level integration.  

Network slicing will unlock near-term revenue opportunities for CSPs. With the right BSS system in place, CSPs can monetize network slicing to quickly grow their B2B market share by offering tailor-made solutions that cater to the diverse needs of their enterprise customers. 

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