Techco DNA

Skills and workforce in the age of innovation

Panel - How technology can be harnessed to deliver diversity

  • What are the practical and positive ways in which technology can be leveraged to create workplaces that are fair, equitable, and diverse?
  • How can CSPs use technology to change economies and societies across the world and improve outcomes?
  • Strategies for using technology to transform diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) outcomes.
  • What are the business benefits of profitability, innovation, decision-making, and employee engagement?

Panel - Bridging the knowledge and skills gap: Are IT teams ready for a software-centric, cloud-native future?  

  • Finding the right balance between outsourcing and self-sufficiency to deliver cloud-native services
  • Upskilling/reskilling versus outsourcing to achieve effective cloud-native operations
  • How to (re-)train, motivate, augment cloud native skillsets, and enhance IT teams’ and individuals’ skills
  • Why moving from virtualized environments to cloud-native requires knowledge and experience with new open-source skills and tools
  • What skills and capabilities will be needed by tomorrow’s IT workforce? How will IT job roles change?