Techco DNA

A blueprint for growth: the techco operating model

Making operational benchmarks fit for the future

  • What operational benchmarks and why they matter
  • How CSPs must adapt their metrics
  • Who to benchmark against in order to stay competitive
  • What future operational benchmarks should look like

Getting your organization and operations partner-ready 

  • How will telcos need to be set up internally to ensure seamless collaboration with a wide range of partners?
  • How do partnerships with hyperscalers and digital native companies transform the way the telco’s workforce collaborates?
  • How will the engagement model have to change?
  • What tools should be provided to partners to optimize collaboration?

Adapting the operating model to enable platform-based business models

  • How will the operating model have to change to enable platform business models?
  • Understanding how value is created and captured in platform business models
  • Accelerating and automating the partner onboarding process
  • Learning to collaborate with a wide range of partners

PANEL: Developing a blueprint for future proof operating model  

  • What changes are needed across the organization and in terms of operating models to support new business models?
  • Bridging the gaps between organizational silos to deliver the required agility
  • Ensuring that the operating model able to operate across multiple verticals
  • How can digital technologies be used to ease the transition to a new operating model?