Techco DNA

A new security paradigm for connectivity

Next-gen telco threat landscape

  • Outlining the threat landscape of a modern 5G network
  • Strategies to ensure the security and integrity of mobile networks in a 5G environment
  • Understanding how the introduction of new technologies expands the attack surface for potential hackers
  • Addressing the security issues overlooked or minimized in 4G deployments, that can no longer be hidden

Securing connectivity end-to-end 

  • What role do CSPs play in providing safe and secure networks and services?
  • How are regulators dealing with threats?
  • Overcoming the security challenges of 5G networks
  • What are the fundamentals of system cleanliness?
  • Security controls – Outlining best practices and protection for operations

Cyber threat management – Steps to building true cyber resilience 

  • Adopting a risk-based approach – how to identify attack entry points and what can go wrong
  • When and with whom to cooperate and communicate with partners and ecosystems
  • Developing effective incident response management across different geographies
  • How can CSPs keep up with emerging threats?

Scaling IoT cyber security  

  • Steps to a safer IoT - How to identify threats and breaches with modern IoT ecosystems
  • What are the considerations for protecting against cyberattacks targeting IoT devices and systems?
  • Building trust in devices to enable the full potential of IoT