Techco DNA

Becoming a techco: are we there yet?

CSPs' strategic options for growth and value creation in the digital economy 

  • What are the main choices for growth?
  • Deciding where to play - horizontal, end-to-end vertical, or both?
  • What does it take to become a successful solutions or platform player?
  • Will a delayering strategy create more value?
  • How can telcos leverage their existing assets to go beyond connectivity?

Is delayering the best response to the CSP growth challenge?

  • The case for and against delayering
  • Addressing the transformation challenges that come with adopting a delayering strategy
  • How do you minimize the risks that come with decoupling the network business from the customer-facing business?
  • How are CSPs unlocking greater value by splitting the business into ServCo and NetCo?
  • Lesson learned from splitting the business into ServeCo/NetCo

Telco to techco – winning strategies and lessons learned

  • Key drivers for evolving from telco into techco
  • How to effectively balance short-term and long-term goals when transitioning
  • How to streamline operations and processes to enable effective collaboration with partners
  • Investment in talent and culture
  • What new opportunities have the move to techco unlocked?