Techco DNA

Building blocks of the techco

Facilitating the transition to techco with the right partners

  • Developing a partnership strategy that utilizes a diverse set of partners with a wide range of expertise to support the transition and fill capability gaps
  • Evaluating partners’ expertise, skills, and operating model to determine how they can best support the transition
  • Using partners to reskill and upskill employees to solve internal expertise gaps

Innovating at Scale and Speed: making R&D and service development a key priority

  • Shifting financial priorities from Capex to Opex investment to drive value creation
  • Addressing the challenges of creating new value within the R&D budget constraints
  • From outsourcing to in-house development - creating dedicated teams to develop new technologies that can be sold to other companies
  • Building partnerships with hyperscalers to gain exposure to their expertise and tools

Building a customer-centric techco to meet the needs of the next-generation customer 

  • Why CSPs need to understand customers’ needs at a much deeper level than before
  • Assessing your ability to deliver on the issues that are important to your customers
  • Defining future customer engagement models and understanding the digital services that customers want
  • What does it take to respond and adapt to shifting customer attitudes and launch new services with speed?
  • How to align your customer-centric vision and goals in an ecosystem partnership to deliver superior products and services?

Adopting a fail fast, fail often, fail cheap approach to innovation 

  • Creating a culture of experimentation that encourages successful failure and taking chances
  • How digital technologies are enabling the fail-fast, fail-often approach
  • What can be learned from failures and how can these lessons be applied to future innovation experiments?
  • Starting small to keep costs under control

PANEL: Achieving agility at scale to compete in the hyper-connected world 

  • What are the capability gaps, across technology, processes, and talent, to enhance agility
  • Choosing the right technology and delivery model to achieve true business agility
  • Embracing cross-functionality and adopting agile methodologies and ways of working to facilitate faster decision-making and innovation
  • How can CSP leverage the cloud for agility at scale?