Techco DNA

Organizational agility – how do you get it?

Transforming into an agile organization to successfully compete and grow 

  • Setting clear purpose and direction: ensuring that the organizational transformation is driven by senior management
  • Making sure that the operating model is mature enough to support organizational transformation
  • How to structure the transformation to boost value creation
  • Quantifying gains in terms of innovation, performance, speed, and customer centricity

Building future skills and attracting the right talent 

  • Determining the necessary skill sets and maturity levels required for different roles
  • Identifying the skill gaps in different roles, teams, and departments
  • Build skills and talent to succeed in the digital environment and reduce vendor dependency
  • Shifting to an agile approach, instilling DevOps principles, and driving cross-functional working
  • Defining skill-up paths to optimize the department and team agility and performance

Making co-creation work within your organization

  • Shift to a co-creation mindset
  • Addressing potential barriers to the adoption of co-creation
  • Giving partners the collaboration platform to come together to develop joint solutions, co-create and co-market service offerings
  • Focusing on experiences rather than revenue growth when co-creating
  • Ensuring the co-creation process produces value for all stakeholders

Adopting a digital mindset and developing a people-centric company culture

  • Understanding why leadership is critical to shifting the company culture and mindset
  • What does a people-centric culture entail and how will it change the organization?
  • Examining how to best implement your cultural change initiatives
  • How do attitudes and behaviors need to change to successfully foster a digital mindset?