Techco DNA

Unbundling the telco value chain

Rethinking the telco value-creation formula to capture a bigger share of the value chain

  • What value do telcos bring to their customers?
  • Deciding where and how to play
  • How to diversify into adjacent industries
  • Digitizing vertical and horizontal value chains
  • Learning to hyper-collaborate across a broad ecosystem

Moving up the value chain with federated platform-based business models

  • What are the factors that determine success with platform business models?
  • How is value created and captured in the federated platform business model?
  • Agile, scalable, and data-centric - building a viable global federated platform
  • Finding and onboarding partners that will help CSPs develop functioning enterprise solutions
  • Establishing ‘rules of engagement’ to develop close partnerships that enhance your platform

Will delayering allow telcos to move up the value chain?

  • Can the break up of CSPs into NetCos and ServCos create more value in the long term?
  • What are the risks and how can CSPs minimize them?
  • Can Servco and Netco push CSPs up in the value chain?