Upskill yourself

Acquire new skills to stay competitive

This year at DTW23 - Ignite, there is no shortage of opportunities for you to upskill yourself so you can stay competitive, adapt to changing job demands, and advance your career.

See what opportunities you can take advantage of:

Masterclasses to sharpen your skillsets

These highly interactive sessions led by TM Forum and industry experts help solve the business challenges facing the industry today.  

Attend sessions on: 


    Free virtual training on Managing Digital Transformation with Open Digital Framework (ODF)

    Registered attendees will receive free virtual training for the exclusive Managing Digital Transformation with ODF awareness course, only available for DTW23 – Ignite attendees (valued at $345*).
    You’ll learn how ODF assets can drive the success of your digital transformation journey.

    Sign up now and visit the TM Forum stand at the event to activate this special offer.


    New! Workshop on igniting your IT team’s passion for development 

    Join an exclusive invite-only workshop with industry professionals to tackle IT skill shortages and increase motivation for upskilling.

    Discover strategies to ensure your team operates at peak performance, learn from real-life case studies, and find out how to leverage TM Forum programs to engage and support your team.

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    New! XChange sessions


    Highly interactive and immersive, XChange sessions are carefully curated to create an environment that promotes open dialogue, active participation, and peer-to-peer learning.  

    Global Architecture Forum

    Led by TM Forum’s CTO George Glass, this year’s Global Architecture Forum (GAF) session will highlight members’ use of TM Forum’s ODA assets, such as Open APIs, eTOM, SID, and ODA cC to drive digital transformation.  

    Topics will range from technology evolution to successful project implementations using TM Forum assets, transforming organizational structures, and the future of architecture. 

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