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Xchange Session: Global Revenue Report

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Join us as we take a deep dive into the key findings from TM Forum's 2023 Global Revenue Report, network with your colleagues, and test your knowledge and powers of prediction in our exclusive DTW Ignite pub quiz!

TM Forum's comprehensive Global Revenue Report into telco revenue growth explores the key products, services, and vertical sectors that CSPs are targeting in B2B and B2C markets.

Drawing on research into 33 of the world’s largest communications service providers (CSPs), it explores which sectors and services they are focusing on and what are the likely growth areas – as well as those in decline.

The report will cover:

  • Overall revenue trends and what is happening in B2B and B2C markets
  • Prospects in service areas such as mobile private networks, cloud, IoT, and platforms
  • CSPs’ professional services propositions
  • Which vertical sectors CSPs are targeting (or not)
  • How CSPs are structuring their growing businesses and how that could lead to them breaking up