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Bernard Kovac


Customer Success Management Director

I'm Bernard Kovac, currently serving as the Customer Success Manager Director at GDi CMT Global LLC. My work primarily revolves around the telecom OSS domain, with a focus on Operations Support Systems, Order and Business Process Management. My path at GDi has taken me from software engineering roles to leadership positions, where I've been involved in designing, developing, and leading software projects. I've also worked on solution design, project management, and the implementation of DevOps methodologies. My academic background in computer science, coupled with my experience in the telecom OSS systems, has equipped me to contribute to the field.


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20 June 2024




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circleComposable IT: The Superpower​
Building an Open API-Driven Architecture

TM Forum’s Open APIs are revolutionizing service orchestration and network operations, highlighting their role in enabling self-learning networks, simplifying service activation processes, and facilitating the launch of new services through Greenfield stack development. Delegates will gain valuable insights into how leveraging Open APIs and TM Forum guidelines can significantly streamline operations, enhance agility, and drive innovation in service delivery.

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