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Executive Connect

Communication service providers (CSPs): Do you want an easy way to connect and network with companies and contacts that share business interests?

The Executive Connect program at DTW24 - Ignite links CSPs with leading solution providers, sparking conversations that will ignite business growth.

You'll join a community of 400+ CSP individuals who are interested in discovering new technologies, sharing knowledge, and meeting with industry peers.


Receive a complimentary pass

You'll receive an 'all access' pass, where you can learn from industry leaders on topics such as A New DNA, Modernizing IT, Network Evolution, Implementing AI and Platform and Partners. Watch Catalyst demos, attend the Excellence Awards, and explore the Next 20 startup area.

A free curated event experience

Save time and money with our free concierge service. We'll arrange one-to-one meetings that fit your schedule, with leading solutions providers.

Establish new connections

Receive a free pass to Tuesday's drinks reception in the quad and DTW24 - Ignite by Night.

Discover new technologies

Learn about the latest innovations via one-to-one meetings and in the Quad, to help you find solutions and drive your business forward.

Exclusive access

Get access to the invitation-only spotlight, round table, and lunch sessions, depending on availability.

Free TM Forum training

Take part in an online course, specifically suited to your training needs, if you take part in three meetings during the event. Post event TM Forum can work with you to find the best option.

Need to convince your boss?

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Join meetings virtually

A complimentary place on a TM Forum training course, specifically suited to your training needs, if you take part in meetings.

Note: Virtual participants will not get access to live event coverage

Executive Connect

by the numbers

  • 550+ MEETINGS

*Across all TM Forum events over the past year.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify to take part in Executive Connect*, you must work for a communications service provider with budgetary authority and agree to attend three meetings with technology providers attending the event, who have a mutual interest.

Please email with any questions.

*Terms and conditions apply


"It gives you the chance to meet and exchange impressions and experiences with other telco executives about the digital transformation process our industry is going through, key for our future."

SVP Technology Innovation and Ecosystems

"Executive Connect helped me to get engaged deeper with a wide range of companies from emerging to established. It enables us to get acquainted with the emerging trends and their evolution, to pick and choose where to focus well ahead allowing our teams to get involved as early as possible."

Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd
Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd

"Executive Connect offers a unique opportunity to network with senior professionals and decision makers, exchange ideas, learn about the latest trends and explore mutual interests with potential partners. I look forward to participating again."

Etisalat UAE
Etisalat UAE
Head of Technology, EngageX & Enterprise