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Brian Kracik


Head of Distributed Cloud and Telecom Product Marketing
Google Cloud

As head of Networking, Distributed Cloud, and Telecom Product Marketing at Google Cloud. Brian Kracik is responsible for establishing and executing strategies that span the breadth of Google’s products and partners. He serves as the product marketing lead for Google Cloud’s Immersive Stream portfolio and launched the Google Distributed Cloud portfolio. These products will help consumers engage with brands in new ways through XR and ensure low latency high compute power is available at the edge. He is focused on helping CSP customers become more data driven, derive better insights through AI, monetize the edge, and deploy cloud native networks. With more than 25 years of technology experience, Mr. Kracik has exhibited great business acumen in developing new products and solutions to meet customer needs. He has driven adoption of immersive experiences, communications infrastructure, SD-WAN, collaboration services, customer experience solutions, IoT, M2M, Smart City, public cloud deployments, and order management systems. Mr. Kracik holds an MBA from DePaul University, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Illinois.


Featured Sessions



18 June 2024




Stage C

circleAmplifying Intelligent Networks​
traingleNetwork transformation
traingleAI (Artificial Intelligence)
How Can We Leverage Automation and AI to Build Efficient, Reliable and Secure Networks?

In the quest for more sustainable, reliable, and secure networks, AI emerges as a game-changer. This session focuses on integrating AI into network infrastructures, utilizing AI to enhance network efficiency, employing generational AI for optimizing network operations, and implementing AI in efficient end-to-end service orchestration. Uncover how AI is revolutionizing the network landscape, driving advancements in energy efficiency and operational reliability.