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Deepika Adusumilli


Chief Data and AI Officer
BT Group

Deepika brings two decades of product, digital & data transformation experience to her role as Chief Data & AI Officer for BT Group. Since joining BT Group in September 2023 Deepika has successfully unlocked and driven value by utilising her product experience and leads with a mindset that ensures data and AI is harnessed and seen as an asset. She works closely with the experts across the team to productise BT Group’s approach to data & AI, helping the team be even more productive and help further build commercial and technical reputation with Digital at BT Group’s CFU partners and in the industry.
Previous to this, Deepika has had experience building data and other products at gaming company King, fintech firm AZA, British Gas, HSBC, Telefonica, GE and Nokia. At these companies, she has been a key player in driving data transformations, scaling AI applications and spearheading the development and use of innovative data products. This includes her time at King, where she optimized gaming experiences through machine learning, and AZA, where she used AI-driven analytics to transform financial transactions.
Deepika is passionate about inclusion and diversity, being a founder of Chief, a professional network focussed on promoting women into positions of authority across industry. She’s also a trustee of the Smart Schools council, focussed on ensuring every child around the world has a voice in the democratic process.


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