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Gergely Mihalka


Business Owner for Cloud Transformation and Automation
Deutsche Telekom

Gergely is the Business Owner for Cloud Transformation and Automation at Deutsche Telekom, where he spearheads telecom network automation initiatives and guides the transition toward a fully software-defined telco operator. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications service infrastructure sector, his expertise lies in automating operations through AI/ML-OPS, orchestrating processes, and steering network evolution towards cloud-based and virtualized environments. Prior to his role at Deutsche Telekom, Gergely held key positions, including Senior Director of Engineering at LogMeIn and Vice President at Nokia. In these capacities, he led successful global organizations and played a pivotal role in driving strategic initiatives and transformations towards DevOps and Agile methodologies.


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19 June 2024




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How Can AI Enable Greater Agility and Optimization Across Various Operations and Services?

Discover how AI transforms operations, enhances agility, and ensures adaptive responses for operational excellence. Exploring seamless implementation strategies and intelligent automation, covering personalization, and anomaly detection. Gain insights into AI's pivotal role in refining operations and services.

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