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Irene Yusta Martin


Chief Data Officer

Irene Yusta leads the Data and AI Team in Mas Orange. Versatile Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, she thrives in dynamic, challenging and fast-paced professional environments. Her professional journey began in the United States, where she worked for a logistics company after finishing her Master Degree in Industrial Technology and Operations at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Her first approach to Data Management was as part of the Solutions team, using data to improve processes cost and operations efficiencies. Back in Spain , she continued her career in BQ, Spanish smartphone company, where she was responsible for coordinating development of custom BI reporting solutions for the Product/Engineering Team. Irene joined the Más Móvil team in 2019. Since then, her focus has been on building scalable and reliable Data solutions aligned with IT Strategy. This endeavour has led to the establishment of a 100% cloud-based data environment, enabling business areas extract insight from data and to operate autonomously.


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