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John Byrne


Research VP, CSP Operations & Monetization

John Byrne is IDC's Research Vice President, Communications Service Provider (Comms SP) - Operations & Monetization industry practice. He provides strategic insight regarding the future of operations and monetization in an evolving cloud-native environment. Coverage areas include rating and charging, policy management, partner/ecosystem management, subscriber data management, order management, customer service assurance, revenue assurance, orchestration, catalog, inventory, and network operations. His rich analyst experience provides a unique perspective on the imperative for Comms SPs to align technology with a growing number of business outcomes to thrive in the hybrid 5G era.

Key areas of John’s research include global operations and monetization market share and forecast; network virtualization operations development insight pertaining to the communications SP operations and monetization functions; network API access delivery, assurance and charging; multi-partner ecosystem enablement; solution delivery and monetization as cloud-based solutions; and monetization models for the Internet of Things (IoT). John also assists clients with custom consulting and research, including user surveys and buyer case studies. He has a deep understanding of operations and monetization solutions and their increasing importance to communications SPs looking to tap growth opportunities more effectively in key industry verticals.


John has over 20 years of industry analyst experience. Prior to joining IDC, he spent six years as Service Director, Telecom Technology & Software at GlobalData leading the company’s coverage of Mobile and Broadband Infrastructure, Mobile Core, IP Routing and Optical Infrastructure, with a personal focus on communications SP digital transformation and monetization platforms. John also managed TBR’s Telecom & Networking Practice for six years and his additional focus areas have included the Internet of Things for Infonetics/IHS, wireless infrastructure during a previous stint at IDC, and wireless operator and tower owner financial analysis for Kagan Research.

This breadth of coverage has enabled John to establish executive-level relationships with a variety of communications industry companies including service providers, independent software vendors, network equipment providers, computing infrastructure suppliers, and solution integrators. John has provided multiple engagements with telecoms hardware, software, and services suppliers by offering unique insights into how market messaging and marketing campaigns are most impactful with target customers and prospects.


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