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Matt Beanland


Principal Architect

Matt is an experienced telecommunications architect and software engineer with diverse skills and interests from RF, FPGA design, embedded software, network management systems, OSS, IT and network transformation, service management and enterprise architecture.

Matt has worked for telecommunications test and network equipment vendors and with Telstra (Australia’s premiere operator) since 2004.

Matt lives in Melbourne with his wife Elaine and they have 3 adult daughters. Matt mostly enjoys endurance cycling and raises funds for cancer prevention.

Recently Matt has invented and implemented a novel specification driven, model-based service differencing framework which has transformed service management internally to Telstra by simplifying orchestration. It enables service managers to define and operate their services and optimise their use of underlying services and resources as tenants running on a cloud platform. The engine uses a DSL and inventory and knowledge stored in its graph based database.

Matt is currently writing a book and seeding an open source project to share the techniques across the industry and lay a foundation for higher levels of autonomous network operation.


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Building an Open API-Driven Architecture

TM Forum’s Open APIs are revolutionizing service orchestration and network operations, highlighting their role in enabling self-learning networks, simplifying service activation processes, and facilitating the launch of new services through Greenfield stack development. Delegates will gain valuable insights into how leveraging Open APIs and TM Forum guidelines can significantly streamline operations, enhance agility, and drive innovation in service delivery.

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