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Mohammed Abdullatif


General Manager, Customer Life Cycle Management

Renowned for his exceptional tenure of 20+ years in retail, distribution, customer experience (CEX), loyalty, and retention, Mohammed Abdullatif is a distinguished commercial professional revered for his profound expertise in business intelligence and data analytics. With a laser focus on optimizing operations, fostering customer loyalty, and leveraging data-driven insights, Mohammed Abdullatif is an expert in harnessing the power of data to drive strategic decisions and business growth.

As a visionary leader in business intelligence and data analytics, Mohammed Abdullatif is passionate about enhancing customer experiences and spearheading initiatives that deliver tangible results. His strategic acumen and analytical prowess enable him to navigate complex market dynamics and drive innovation through data-driven solutions. Mohammed's commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of innovation position him as a respected authority in shaping the future of data analytics in the commercial landscape.


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