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Pedro Garcia Parra


Manager of Autonomous Network & Operations Transformation

Born in Valladolid in 1975, he studied Electronics and Industrial Automation Engineering at Tecnun - University of Navarra and has an international master degree in Business Administration from CEU San Pablo.
Working for more than 20 years at Telefónica, he has contributed from different positions to the evolution of Telefónica. First years from the innovation and development of systems and applications to the current stage (more than 10 years) contributing to the transformation of Telefónica's network operations.
He is currently responsible for driving the transformation of Telefónica's network operations moving towards complete network autonomy. This includes increasing automation, introducing AI at every stage of the process, driving new ways of working.
Responsible for defining the levels of autonomy, its evaluation, evolution, scope and impact of each level in the process.

Co-chair of Autonomous Network Level work item inside TMForum's Autonomous Network Project


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