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Peter Marenbach


Solution Architect
Deutsche Telekom

Peter is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the telecom industry. He is currently flourishing in his role as a Solution Architect at Deutsche Telekom IT. Peter's journey in the telecom sector started in 1999 and his impressive career has seen him hold several pivotal positions. Prior to his current endeavor, he was an OSS Architect at Vodafone. Peter's most substantial experience, however, lies in the 18 years he spent as a Solution Architect and Presales Consultant for an OSS software vendor.
During this tenure, Peter fine-tuned his problem-solving skills and deepened his technical knowledge, enabling the company to deliver top-tier telecom solutions. His profound understanding of industry dynamics and his knack for designing and executing innovative strategies have consistently driven successful results throughout his career.


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20 June 2024




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circleComposable IT: The Superpower​
Building an Open API-Driven Architecture

TM Forum’s Open APIs are revolutionizing service orchestration and network operations, highlighting their role in enabling self-learning networks, simplifying service activation processes, and facilitating the launch of new services through Greenfield stack development. Delegates will gain valuable insights into how leveraging Open APIs and TM Forum guidelines can significantly streamline operations, enhance agility, and drive innovation in service delivery.