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Prepare yourself to get the most out of your participation in TM Forum’s global summit with our exclusive training package.

Gain essential knowledge of the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and AI before attending the DTW masterclasses and sessions.

This unique opportunity, available to DTW24 - Ignite attendees only, offers a comprehensive training experience at just $399, providing savings of up to 70%.

What's included?

Open Digital Framework Awareness

An introduction to the future of architecture for telecommunications. Understand the significance of the Open Digital Architecture (ODA), its core principles, and fundamental building blocks.

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AI and Automation Overview – Deploying in ODA

Gain a solid foundation of managing AI implementations in telecoms and how it aligns with the ODA.

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AI and Customer Experience Awareness

A non-technical, high-level introduction course to establish a foundation for leveraging AI in cultivating exceptional customer experience.

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